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Rihanna’s Doobie Does Not Make it Okay for Everyone Else


Last night at the American Music Awards, Rihanna sent shock waves across the country. She took the “hairstyle” that every black girl reserves for the privacy of her bedroom and wore it out in public. The doobie is something that unless you are in fact a black girl, friends with one, or dated one you probably know nothing about which in my opinion is how it should be.

Doobie wrap: The result of wrapping ones hair around ones head using circular brush, comb, or finger-comb motions. Utilized mainly by African-American women at night in conjunction with a scarf in order to create bouncy hair in the morning.
Via Urban Dictionary

It is not a hairstyle. A doobie is the thing we have to do before we go to bed if we have any hopes of preserving our hairstyle for next day. I can practically count on one hand the amount of people who have seen me with one. It was family, my roommates, and the people who were in the salon the few times I have gotten my hair wrapped (which was always due to inclement weather).

Rihnna AMAs

Rihanna looked beautiful last night (doobie and all), but I am here to say that just because she did it, that does not make it okay for all of us to follow in her footsteps. Rihanna is a pop star. Who knows what provoked her to rock the bedtime look. She could have been having a bad hair day and said “Hey I’m Rihanna who is is really going to say anything?”


Unfortunately for the rest of us we are not Rihanna and someone is going to check us boo.  Do not get it confused, people definitely will judge any girl who thinks a doobie is an appropriate hairstyle for a public appearance. And by public appearance, I mean any sort of appearance that requires you to leave your home. This includes the littlest trip to the drugstore to pick up toothpaste. Take the pins out girl!

Rihanna AMAs

Rihanna is a celebrity who honestly can do no wrong in my book when it comes to fashion and beauty. That being said, she did not start a new hair trend last night. Do not start wearing your doobies to the club. This seems obvious, but I just felt like it needed to be said just in case fashionistas!

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