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How to Mix High to Low Fashion

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On an average day my outfit is bargain store while my bag is Saks Fifth Avenue. I can thank my mother for that. From a young age I learned to appreciate the art of high to low. It is when your tulle dress is from Forever 21 while your shoes are Christian Louboutin (pictured above).


I am fundamentally against buying designer clothing (at full price). It just makes no sense to me. If my net worth was as much as Jay Z and Beyonce combined, my opinion would remain unchanged. Take the dress pictured above, for example. How much do you think it costs? The first number that pops your head.

Any guesses? Well, I’ll tell you. That Roland Mouret dress costs $2215. I am sure it is gorgeous in person, but you could get a similar dress for SO much cheaper. Even if you were so rich that you could use dollar bills as toilet paper why in the world would you spend two grand on a simple sheath dress? How many times will you possibly wear it?

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What is the right  way to mix high to low in your wardobe? Here is Lex Loves Couture’s definitive list of do’s and don’ts:

Do bargain shop when you are buying clothes:

When it comes to clothing do not splurge. What do I mean when I say splurge? I mean spending an absorbent amount of money on something that you could get for the same or similar quality for much cheaper. You’re going clubbing with your friends? Don’t spend $80 on a jumpsuit when you could have bought one for $30. You’re getting a sheath dress for the office? Don’t spend $300 when you could get a great one for $50-$100. It is not about being cheap. It is about being wise with your money no matter how fat your bank account is.

Don’t buy designer clothing at full price:

I am not anti-designer, but I am anti-designer prices. I understand why designer is at that high price point, but if you’re not on a red carpet with paparazzi screaming your name… why does it matter if you are wearing Dolce & Gabbana? You have to ask yourself, are you just wearing it because it is a designer name?

Note: If you find a designer piece on sale for a great price, by all means buy it! Lex does love couture after all…

Do splurge on shoes and bags (…in moderation):

When you invest in a good pair of shoes or a quality bag you could have it for a lifetime. They are so durable with proper care. Cheap shoes and bags inevitably fall apart with constant use. It takes much more wear and tear for designer bags or shoes to look weathered, but you can almost always get them fixed so that they look like brand new when that happens. The same cannot be said for the cheaper option. You actually save more by splurging a little for quality in the long run. My advice is to save up and buy something worthwhile.

PS- It’s perfectly okay to go with a non-splurge for bags/shoes that are not a staple or that are super trendy!

Don’t be afraid to use your discretion when it comes to miscellaneous items:

Outerwear, sunglasses, and denim are all examples of when you should use your discretion. Outwear, for example, could last you many season so splurging a little on staple is okay and is almost encouraged. If you are going for something super trendy that may be a good time to dial back on the spending a bit. The same can be said for many miscellaneous items.

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You do not need to spend a lot of money to look fabulous. It is all about how you put yourself together. Remember, a person with expensive taste could have a very poor sense of style. You just cannot buy a good sense of style. That is the foundation for a good wardrobe not a list of designer names.

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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