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Are Chokers Basic?


I was out for a friend’s birthday this past weekend. As we sat at our brunch table, one girl points out that pretty much all of us are wearing chokers. I survey the table and notice that she’s right. With the exception of one girl, who was wearing a turtleneck, all of us were in chokers. This made me feel the need to ask myself, are chokers basic?

Chokers definitely weren’t always basic. There was a time when only the super edgy street style stars were wearing them. These days, every girl and her mother (well at least my mother) wears them.

Personally, I wear one almost everyday. Whenever I feel like an outfit is lacking, I throw on choker. Like magic, the outfit is amazing. I don’t know why that is, but it’s a fact.

As someone who likes to stay in front of the trends and not behind, I am sad to report that even though they have mystical powers, chokers are in fact basic. As basic as rosé, pumpkin spice lattes, UGG boots, and pretty much any fall activity.

Why are chokers basic? The most simple answer– because almost everyone likes them. Literally, that’s why. There is zero individuality. If you and all of your friends are wearing something at the same time that is a sure fire sign of said item’s basic-ness.

I don’t intend to stop purchasing (just bought one last week) and/or wearing chokers, but acknowledging that they are basic is important for moving forward. From a fashion perspective, whenever something over saturates the market it is usually on its way to the trend graveyard. Only time will tell when this will happen with chokers. Until then, let’s discuss less basic ways to wear them.

Turn a scarf into a choker

Turn a scarf into a choker -- Go in a surprising direction and make your silk scarf a choker. It is different, so you can guarantee none of your other friends with be wearing it that way!
Go in a surprising direction and make your silk scarf a choker. It is different, so you can guarantee none of your other friends will be wearing it that way!


Stack ’em up


Take a couple of  thin chokers and stack them. It’s a fun way to make your choker looks unique.


Layer with a statement piece

You know those statement necklaces that you used to not be able to live without before chokers? Put them to good use and layer them with one of your simpler chokers.


Go Bold

Change up your choker game by getting a little dramatic


How will YOU update you choker game?



  1. Yes chokers are basic. But who cares? I love them and can admit to owning a few to many. I love layering them with at least one or two longer nacklaces. Love Ida

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