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Cyber Monday Deals You Can’t Miss

I’ve have a well established history of being a super lazy person. So, you can probably imagine that I am a huge fan of Cyber Monday. A day when the most laborious thing I need to do is grab my wallet from my purse (which at times can feel like a lot). When you add the fact the deals are typically amazing it’s almost a holiday better than Christmas. Here are a few deals you must check out before the day comes to an end.

Asos : 25% Off Everything

What to get: Asos’ clothing, as a general rule, is relatively affordable so I would actually not have that be the first thing in my basket. I personally would go for outwear or shoes because that’s where I would see the most bang for my buck. If you want to throw in a few pieces outside of that, go for it.

Code: EPIC25

J. Crew: 50% Off Everything/Additional 60% Off Sale Items

What to get: Tbh, J. Crew is not my go to, BUT I do think it is great place for staples. So if I were to grab anything from J. Crew it would be a sweater, button up, slacks, or other work basics. It’s much better quality than anything you’d get at a fast fashion store. 


Old Navy: 50% Off Everything

What to get: You might be surprised by this suggestion, but active wear. Old Navy actually has a super cute line of athleisure that is basically a steal today. Another cute throw-in is pajamas (for you or someone you are shopping for). If it’s a gift, you’ll have it well before Christmas with the free shipping option.

Code: Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Missguided: 50% Off Everything

What to get: A New Year’s Eve dress. You know you’re celebrating. So, you might as well get a dress now for half of the price


Fashion Nova: 40 – 90% Off EntireWide

What to get: If you can’t find a NYE dress on Missguided, you will definitely find something on Fashion Nova. The fast fashion favorite always has styles similar to those worn by popular celebs.

Code: CYBER90

Nasty Gal: 60% Off Everything

What to get: Like Asos, Nasty Gal is affordably priced for the most part. If it were me I would go for accessories. They have a lot of unique belts, bags, and jewelry to chose from.

Code: Discount already applied site wide.

Shein: 70% Off Everything/Hourly Flash Sales

What to get: Honestly, Shein is so cheap to begin with that this sale is obscene. You could get a whole new wardrobe without breaking the bank. That being said, you could also spend way more than you need to with all of the excitement. So, my advise is to set a budget and stick to it. 


What are you buying for Cyber Monday?

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