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How to Stay Chic While Outside in the Winter

3 Ways to Stay Chic
Photo: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week— February 2015

I hate winter. You hate winter. We all hate winter! If you say you like winter, we cannot be friends simply because I cannot be friends with a liar. That being said, fashion does not need to stop just because it is cold outside. This is not going to be about the outfits we are wearing under the coat, but what we look like when we are actually outside. Given the fact that we will be in coats for at least the next three months, in this case only, it is what is on the outside that counts. The sad reality is that we are not bears and we cannot hibernate until it is spring again.

Embrace tights.


I, like many other girls, prefer to go bare with dresses and skirts. There is no denying it. In the winter though, I embrace tights. They add a chic level of sophistication to any outfit that cannot be denied. Another bonus is that those skirts/dresses that may be a tad too short to wear sans tights are now totally appropriate. I personally like to wear No Nonsense* tights in the winter because they are great quality at an even better price! They come in a variety of shades and patterns. You can never go wrong with an opaque or sheer look, but it is always fun to add a pop with a pattern!

Check out some cute No Nonsense tights options below! 

Understand that outwear is very important.


I have discussed the strong importance of outerwear in the past. Having one coat to get through the winter is just not acceptable anymore. There are three types of coat every girl should have. They go as follows—a down jacket/parka for frigid cold days, a wool coat for moderate/tolerably cold days, and a fur coat for special occasions or days you want to add a pop of style while staying warm (i.e.: New York Fashion Week).

PS— You’ll thank me for mentioning coats because we are in prime sale season for outerwear! Stores are trying to clear the floor for spring goods. The best part is you will still have plenty of time to get use out of that coat you buy.

Make outerwear looks pop with accessories.


I like to call the winter “marshmallow season”. We are all puffed up and layered. No matter what you do, that down jacket does nothing for your figure. The belt we add is cute, but let’s be real we still look like marshmallows. It is okay because everyone looks like a marshmallow save for the girls who are brave enough to just wear a leather jacket and pretend they are not cold. For the rest of us who do not have the guts to do this, your best bet is to wear something that adds a pop to your outerwear. Think a print scarf, a cute hat, stylish gloves, fun sunglasses, or a chic purse! Any (or all) of these things will distract people from the marshmallow situation you have going on.

PS—all of these items can worn together at the same time with the camel wool coat listed above!

The winter is brutal. There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. There is nothing we can do to make it go faster or make it warmer so our only option is to cope. I hate it as much as you do, but I will not let it impose on my style. You shouldn’t let it either!

*Tights worn in picture were courtesy of No Nonense.

How do YOU stay stylish while outside during the winter?


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  1. I hate Winter too, it’s so annoying because you never get to just wear what you want, you always have to bundle up and look like a marshmallow like you said. Lol. (: But those were some good points and options you gave out to looking more stylish during these cold days, good job!

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