7 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

An essential home décor piece is a coffee table, it creates a harmonious balance in your living space. Incorporating the right coffee table is the first step to creating the perfect table style.  Once you’ve decided on that, the next step is styling. There are infinite possibilities, but don’t worry! I’ve narrowed it down to a few ideas to guide you in creating the perfect coffee table.

Mini Bar
Photo: Tidbitsandtwine

If you like to entertain, designating a tray with a few beverages on the side is useful. Not only does it act as décor it comes in handy when you want to offer your guest a quick drink.

Candle + Gold Item
Photo: The Decorista

Sometimes keeping it simple is key. An inexpensive way to style your coffee table is by adding a candle and a gold item (sea urchins, pineapples etc) and stylish matches. Simplicity can work out in your favor.

Double the Fun
Photo: Shop Society Social

If you have a large space, it can be useful to use two smaller sized coffee tables. This allows for layers and more table space to accessorize!

Dainty Flowers and Succulents

Fresh flowers are always an option. They add life and just the right amount of subtle color.  For those who would prefer to go the low maintenance route succulents are next in line.

Tufted Touch
Photo: Pinterest

For a unique coffee table, go for a fabric large ottoman. Ottomans are not just for sitting on but can be used as coffee tables. Using an upholstered ottoman as a coffee table can add a soft touch to your space.


Making a Statement
Photo: Hadley Court

Whether it’s a fashion or a décor, it’s all about making a statement. Instead of trying to fill a lot of empty space, find a unique sculpture piece That alone with a few stacked magazines and a candle will create a balanced statement.

 Transparent Things
Photo: Live Simply by Annie

Opting for a transparent table can be good! It gives your space a clean airy feel while allowing your beautiful rug to be on display.

This post was written by home contributor Ashley Danielle of Darling Be Chic

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