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Why Facial Mist is a Makeup Routine Must


Do you ever feel like towards the end of the day your makeup begins to look a bit lackluster? For me this is especially the case during the winter. With my updated skincare routine this has been less of a problem, but it is still an issue.

The dry heat in my office does me no favors! Enter facial mist. I keep a travel size Evian Mineral Facial Spray in my desk drawer and spritz on as needed. It helps with keeping my makeup fresh all day (without reapplying).

At home, I use MAC Cosmetics Charged Water to prime, set, and occasionally refresh. Before I start my makeup I spray a generous amount all over my face. I find that it helps my foundation last longer and have a more flawless finish. Once I finish my makeup I spray it on again to set my makeup. If I am going out and do not have time to reapply all of my makeup I will splash some on to refresh. It is great if you want to add more highlight or blush. You avoid the caked on look.

I do not know what I was doing before I started using facial mist. There is such a drastic difference when I do not use it (that I swear is not my imagination). Not that I live for compliments, but they have been pouring in since this was added to my makeup regimen. I have completely ditched setting sprays as facial mists tend to add the perfect amount of hold with the added benefit of hydrating. This is a must have for those with dry skin!

Will you be trying a facial mist?



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