5 Self-Care Investments Every Woman Should Make

If there is one thing “adulting” has taught me, it is the importance of self-care. The daily hustle and bustle of life can take its toll both physically and mentally. While balancing our personal lives and careers are necessary. We almost must make sure we are taking time to put ourselves first. It is very easy to make everyone else a priority. To help prevent that, here are some self-care investments we all should be making.


This should go past your general skincare routine. Whether it’s a facial, a trip to a dermatologist, or simply an at home face mask — take some time to give your skin a little extra TLC. The daily stresses of life tends to show up on your skin first.

Hair Care

Another thing to show your stress is your hair. Combat this with regular trips to your hair stylist. Get regular trims, maintain your hair color (if it’s dyed), and treat yourself to a random blow out on occasion.

Nail Care

You might be the kind of girl who is not a fan of gel or acrylic because of their damaging effects. That’s completely understandable, but you should treat yourself to a regular manicure once or twice a month. It is good to show your cuticles some love every once in a while. If anything do it simply because it’s a way to take a little break from your daily responsibilities and relax.


This is not about physical appearance. It is about how it makes you feel while you are doing it. For me, there is no better feeling than starting my day with barre class or doing some cardio to blow off steam after work. It’s gets your adrenaline going and makes you feel ready to tackle anything. Self-care is not only taking time to relax, it is also about taking care of your body.

If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness routine, I highly recommend two things: finding a workout buddy and using ClassPass. A workout buddy keeps you accountable and ClassPass allows you to take as little or as many classes as you want.

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Alone Time

We give our bosses, coworkers, friends, family, and significant others so much of ourselves. It is easy to feel spread thin. Take some time for yourself. At least once a week you should put your phone on silent and spend an hour in solitude (more time if you can swing it). Alone time is a key component to feeling even-keeled.

What self-care investments do you make?


  1. After working a desk job full time for five years, I finally began to notice how I was not taking any “me” time. I starting taking barre classes and immediately fell in love with the workout. I found myself taking so many barre classes and loving the results so much that I decided to get certified to teach barre. It is now a part time “fun job” for me and it keeps me happy and healthy. I definitely recommend putting your self care first and even taking up a “fun job” to earn Wilbur’s you take care of yourself. I got barre certified with American Barre Technique, the online barre education company. Here’s their website if you’re interested:

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