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5 At Home Hair Care Dos And Don’ts

With professional hairstyling on a hiatus, we’ve had to take matters into our own hands. Just because we are acting as our own hairstylists that does not mean we can do everything done at the salon. There are some dos and don’ts you should definitely know.

Don’t do anything permanent

I consider myself to be pretty good with hair. I’ve dyed my own hair. I’ve trimmed my own hair. Usually the results are good and if they aren’t great I can live with them. I also always have in the back of my mind that I could just go to the hair salon if something went horribly awry.

During this time, the hair salon isn’t an option and trying to fix it yourself will likely make it worse. So, just don’t. We don’t need to be making any permanent hair changes right now, ladies. We’ve got nowhere to be and no one to see!

Do give your hair extra TLC

This is the perfect time to do hair masks. Put in a deep conditioner, throw on a face mask, and binge a couple of episodes of your favorite show. We have the time to show our follicles a little extra love. So, why don’t we?

Don’t use a lot of heat

Don’t use any at all, if you can swing it. Even in small increments heat styling can be damaging. This is the ideal moment to take a break. You’ll be shocked what a little time off from heat can do for the health of your hair.

Do try different hairstyles

If your hair is natural, why not try one or a few of those protective style YouTube tutorials you’ve watched? If the results are not excellent, it’s not like anyone outside of your household is seeing them. At worst, you’ll have a failed attempt. At best, you’ll have a new hairstyle under you belt.

Don’t experiment on your quarantine mate

The other day my boyfriend asked me if I want to cut his hair. I told him no before he even got the question out. Why? If I mess up I am left with a disappointed boyfriend whom I am spending 24/7 with until further notice.

If your significant other or roommate asks for you to cut or dye their hair, I encourage you to do the same. Unless you’re a professional hairstylist there’s a good chance it won’t go as planned. Save yourself the headache!

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