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Going Makeup Free Has Changed My Perspective

I love makeup. I always have. I’ve been wearing some form of it everyday since I was in middle school. It started with just eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. Over time, my makeup evolved into an elaborate routine.

This is the first time in nearly two decades that I’ve seen myself makeup free for an extended period. I’ll admit that the first week or so took some adjusting, but I have to say it’s been eye opening.

I am not breaking up with makeup, but this fresh faced interlude has really changed my perspective. Leading up to this I put on a full face of makeup everyday. There was no real distinction between my everyday makeup and my super glam makeup.

In the past month, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve put on makeup. So, it feels special now. I’m not just going with the motions.

Whenever I start going back into the office I am still going to wear makeup, but I will likely save the full face glam for weekend plans. It’s fun to play with makeup on a daily basis, but it can lose its effect after a while.

It’s important to note that this is what works for me. It’s not a call to action for us all to do same. If you already wear minimal makeup or you go full glam, there’s no right way go about it. For me, giving myself a bit of a makeunder has been super refreshing!

Have you been going makeup free while we’ve been home?


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