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#LexLoves100: The Anti-Resolution

Happy New Year! I do not know about you, but new year’s resolutions are always a fail for me. I can be consistent for maybe a week, but then the “new year, new year me” aspirations majorly drop off. That’s why this year, I will not be trying to set a resolution for the year. I will be setting intentions for the next 100 days.

What I am doing every day for the first 100 days

Content Creation Goals

New blog post daily: I have realized that I have made writing too complicated. I want to push out content that is valuable and helpful. Perfectionism can lead to me putting too much pressure on myself, which leads to my procrastination and not writing anything. So, every day I am going to write something. Some posts will be longer. Others will be quick reads, but every day you’ll hear from me

New in-feed content daily: In the same way that I can make writing a herculean task, I do it with shooting content for Instagram. I also admittedly worry that sharing too much can affect the algorithm. Maybe it will, but why should that affect my connecting with my audience? For the next 100 days, I will be sharing in-feed content daily. I believe this will help foster creativity. If I am sharing every day, I will be encouraged to try new things. Whether that be new poses, backdrops, or even Reels? 

Personal Goals

Movement once per day: Note that I said “movement” — not exercise. This goal is not about getting in shape or losing weight. It’s about respecting my body. I used to move most days naturally when I was working in an office. Now that I am working from home, there has been a significant drop-off. So, I want to make sure that I am taking the time to move. Some days this will be a barre or HIIT workout, while on others, it may just mean stretching. Getting up to walk to the kitchen won’t count as movement, unfortunately.

Clean home once per day: I fully admit that I am a messy person. My bedroom’s floor has clothes all over. I have a habit of leaving Amazon packages, mail, etc., on the dining room table. So for the next 100 days (hopefully forever), I want to make sure I am essentially leaving every room as I found it. The goal is to clean up as I go, which does not come naturally to me. Doing this will make weekly deep cleaning a much more pain-free process.

Why 100 days?

I’ve chosen to set goals for 100 days instead of for the full year. It is short enough to be achievable, but long enough to turn things into a habit (or break bad ones). Also, goal setting for 100 days allows me to throw new goals into the mix every hundred days.

Hold me accountable!

I will be sharing how things are going at the halfway point and sharing how things are going on Instagram along the way. Outside of that, feel free to shoot me a DM to see how it’s going. Accountability is a factor in my being successful. So, I will welcome the check-ins!

Reflecting on 2020

I had a plan to write a whole post about my thoughts on 2020. Upon reflection, I decided why dwell on the past? I will only say that last year gave me a deeper appreciation for my family and close friends. Though limited, the time I spent with my loved ones is some of my most cherished memories to date. As I approach this new year, I feel blessed to have these people in my life.

Do you set goals in the new year?

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