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3 Fashion Tips for Fall Every Girl Should Know

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Fall is officially upon us. This weekend marks the last time we can say that it is still summer. With fall in full swing starting next Monday your immediate thought is to go to fall extremes. Those extremes being wool coats, real/faux fur, boots, tights, etc.

Think about about it. What is the season that immediately follows fall? Winter. That’s right. Winter, fashionistas. So, before you pull out those wool coats and tights, consider the fact that you will be wearing those items until at least next March (of 2015). That is IF we have a warm spring, which if this year is any indicator could go either way.

Keeping that in mind, here 3 fall tips to consider now that fall is officially starting.

Before you start wearing coats, layer layer layer.

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As previously mentioned, you could conceivable wear a jacket for at least the next six or seven months. Why rush it? Rather than taking the easy route and pulling out that coat, challenge yourself and try layers. You will be just as warm and look twice as cute. Layering options could be a collared shirt underneath a sweater, a long sleeve top paired with a cardigan and light scarf, or simply pairing a blazer and a light sweater. You do not really need to start wearing a jacket until it is actually cold.

Do not start wearing tights until the temperature is below 60°F


Personally, I hate tights. Not the appearance of them, but the feel. Everyone has different feelings on the matter, but I am sure we can all agree that bare legs are much more preferable. If you want to wear tights for practicality, go for it. If you are wearing them for fashion, take a pause and realize how many months you will be forced to make that fashion statement. A long time. So do not jump the gun.

For the love of all things holy, hold off on the fur.


Fur has already started making appearance. Two words for you fashionistas, “TOO SOON!”. Those girls rocking fur already cannot even pretend that they are not hot. We all know that they are. Fur really should not even be lumped in with fall. It is a true winter item. It is for cold weather, not mild weather. If you are rocking fur before it is 50°F, you are as my friends and I would say “going too hard”. Take a moment, check the temperature, and realize that as cute as you think that fur jacket looks you will have three to four weather appropriate months to wear it. I love fur, but for the love of Pete, I should not already be seeing girls wearing it already. This entire week has been in the 70’s!

Follow these three tips and you will be looking fabulous Fall 2014!

xoxo Lex Loves Couture

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