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When is it Okay to Start Wearing Spring Clothes? 

Happy March! This is the perfect time to start breaking out your spring attire.  You have probably been wearing fall/winter clothes since September. Even if we had an unseasonably warm winter, you might not have worn a spring item since at least early October.

March is just like September when it comes to the season shift. The actual first day of spring may not be until March 20th, but the first thought everyone has on March 1st is ‘spring’.  So, it’s an absolutely suitable time to give your outfit a touch of spring!

Now don’t break out the sundresses and open toe shoes just yet. March may give you spring vibes, but it doesn’t necessarily give you spring weather. There is a way to transition into spring without freezing your buns off!

Start to store dark colors and heavy fabrics.

People still wear them and typically the temperature permits,  but for some reason beginning in March true winter clothing feels out-of-place. Don’t put away all of your warm clothes, but start to pack away dark colors like oxbloods, hunter greens, and deep blues. Fabrics such as fur, velvet, and wool can also be stored until next winter.

Again March does not guarantee spring weather immediately, so keep your heavy coats and warm sweaters on deck. There is always a chance you will still need them.

Break up of cold weather looks with brights/pastels.

It might be cold, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot start to wear bright colors. A bright-colored sweater, skirt, or pair of pants will infuse your outfit with spring. You will stay warm, but still have a spring look.

Start to go sans tights.


Everyone has their threshold for how much cold they can handle. Some girls can go without tights when it is over 50 degrees,  while other girls need to wear tights when it is anything below 70 degrees. So, take this next tip with your preferences in mind.

Use knee-high and over-the-knee boots as a way to combat the cold and skip the nylons. Tights are a fall/winter item through and through. No matter what you do they will always make your outfit read as wintery.

Begin to pull out spring items based on the weather.

Early Spring Steet Style
Photo: Styleft

Spring weather is very tricky. It could be 30 degrees and snowing one week and then the next week in the high 60s. So whipping out your entire spring wardrobe all at once is silly and definitely a waste of space. At the start of the March, break out the spring clothes on a case by case basis.

PS—Keep an eye on your weather app because you could be wearing those spring pieces sooner than you think.

Wear bright and bold prints.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

The winter is not devoid of prints, but the spring is when they really thrive. Think bright stripes, happy florals, and chic geometric prints. You do not need to wait until it is super warm to wear them, you could wear a stylish print tomorrow.

It may not officially be spring just yet, but it does not mean you need to wait until March 20th to wear your spring clothes. Just be mindful of the temperature and shift from dark colors to lighter ones. You can look springy with minimal effort.

2019 update of this post here!


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