How to Blend Interior Styles


One of the best things about about interior design is the unlimited creativity. Forget about the usual matching palette and add a little bit of visual interest by incorporating different design styles. Although blending styles may be a bit hard to achieve it can yield interesting results.

Modern Juxtapose with Traditional Details

Photo: Southern Living

Designing a modern home with traditional details can add a lot of interest to a space. You can never go wrong with traditional elements. By placing an antique rug in a modern room it adds a new layer of character to the room. Having details like a traditional fireplace with the juxtaposition of modern art can show how the two styles are able to blend harmoniously.

Farmhouse Contemporary

Photo: Decoist

Farmhouse Contemporary is a very clean design. Contemporary design gives the feeling of openness while the farmhouse style introduces seasoned characteristics.  The most ideal aspect of the style is the light and airy ambiance it gives off.There’s a lot of subtle details when these two styles are combined. 

Industrial Chic

Photo: From The Cherry Tree

Industrial style can be a bit rough around the edges at times. The industrial chic blend gives off a softer aesthetic. It tones down the ruggedness of industrial style. By adding a large rug and a few faux fur throws, it can soften and define your space. Use light fixtures as a more modern industrial fixture. Wooden and metal furniture pieces are a perfect fusion and play down industrial style.

Classic Glamour with Pattern Play

Photo: California Home and Design

Black and white is always a classic.  It allows a little bit of room for adding pattern and texture. The good thing about a classic black and white interior is that it tends to have a timeless feel. With this style it gives you the opportunity to incorporate layers of accessories and decor. You can always add hints of brass details for a unique touch.

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This post was written by home contributor Ashley Danielle of Darling Be Chic

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