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What to Wear to Work This Fall

Lately, I have been wearing a variation of tee shirts and trousers to work. It is a very easy combination that always looks effortless and polished. I would not say that I am in style slump, it is more so that I need to do some major reorganization of my fall clothes (that’s for another post though). If you do not know what to wear to work this fall or are simply feeling a bit lazy, here are a few go-to work uniforms.

Shift Dress

When in doubt, wear a shift dress. You can never go wrong. Try layering a turtleneck underneath you dress on the cooler days.

TJ Maxx | $39.99

Cropped Sweater + Wide Leg Trousers

The crop is necessary to maintain proportions. Make sure the pants you wear are high waist enough to keep your midriff covered.

Forever 21 | $15.90

Tee + Pencil Skirt

You can never go wrong with this combination. The tee can be both long or short sleeved depending on the weather. If you are looking to add a bit of zest, try twisting the tee into a small knot at the bottom instead of tucking or leaving it out.

Boohoo | $25.00

Suit Up

If you asked me a few years ago if I would wear a pant suit to work I would have given you a hard no. Now my thoughts on the matter have completely changed. No matter what role you have in your organization, you can pull off a pant suit. If your company isn’t too conservative, go for a fun color!

Topshop | $153

Turtleneck + Culottes

If you have yet to jump on the culotte train, you’re really missing out! Wear your favorite pair of culottes with a basic turtleneck for a classic and sophisticated look.

Shein | $14.00

Blazer + Anything

Blazers are a never fail work wise. Whenever you’re feeling a little lazy in the fashion department, a blazer is always a good jumping off point. The rest of your look will fall together seamlessly.

Nordstrom | $79.00

What do YOU wear to work?

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  1. I was so excited when you said cropped sweaters and loose leg trousers! I just bought a pair actually and was so excited to wear them, I feel like such a boss lady and I love keeping them more casual for everyday by adding a sweater or even tucking in a cute graphic tee!

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