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Why I Dress Up for Work

A lot of my fashion “things” stem from my mother. When I first started working, she said her personal rule is no matter where she works she only wears jeans on Friday. I have (with the exception of very cold months in the winter) followed that rule as well.

Over the course my entire working life, I have never worked for a company where dressing up was a necessity. Looking presentable was required, but I have always worked in a business casual environment. If I wanted to, it would be easy to slip into casual day-to-day workwear without judgement.

So why don’t I? I did some math. I spend 40+ hours at work each week. Revealing a sad truth. I spend more time at work than anywhere else. Think about occasions on the weekend where you go out. How much time do you really spend out and about? 4 or 5 hours max? Let’s say you did this each day of the weekend including Friday. That still only 15 hours.

Getting over the fact that this is super depressing — I came to a realization. If this is where I spend most of my time, why shouldn’t I try to look more than presentable? Why not leave it all out on floor on the fashion front? I see these work colleagues more than I see my live-in boyfriend, friends, and family combined. Why not give them something to talk about?

In my mind, the office is in my runway and it has paid off. The fact that I put more than minimal effort in has gotten me noticed at every job I have had. It has led to opportunities, unforgettable experiences, and growth. Putting in the extra effort shows people that I care about my job and my future.

To build up a work wardrobe, here are key pieces that are absolute musts.

Shift Dress

Photo: Pinterest

There is nothing more comfortable than a shift dress. If you are the type of girl who hates wearing dresses because they are constricting this is the type of dress for you.


Wrap Dress

Photo: Pinterest

While not as comfortable as the shift dress, the wrap dress is definitely the most flattering option. It is great for every body type because it extenuates your best assets, while hiding the ones you might not want on display.


Cropped Trousers

Photo: The Fashion Gum

You can never go wrong with a pair of black trousers. They are just a good staple to have in your wardrobe. Important styling note, go for cropped. There is nothing worse than an ill fitting pair of trousers. It is equally bad you’re short and they’re too long or if you’re tall they’re just a bit too short. Intentionally cropped is always the way to go.


White Button Up

Photo: Pinterest

When I say the styling options of a white button up are endless I am not exaggerating. I would invest in more than one because the ways to wear it really don’t stop.

Saks Off 5th

Tailored Blazer

Get a blazer. Scratch that, get many. It is the easiest way to look polished with the least amount of effort. A cute blazer paired with tee and pencil skirt is a *look*. You won’t even have tried that hard, but they’ll think you did!


Black Pump

Photo: Pinterest

Start with a good pair of black pumps and build from there. I always start neutral before working my way to color for any item of clothing.



Photo: Pinterest

A satchel is a great starter work bag. You can have all of the essentials in it without it looking filled to the brim. A bonus is that it is great to take day-to-night when you head to happy hour after a long day.


Do YOU think it’s important to dress up for work?


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