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Lex Loves Weddings: Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

Brian proposed on August 21, 2020. I felt instant excitement and joy, but then this dark (obvious) cloud appeared — Covid-19. How will that affect things? Here are a few things that I’ve learned so far.

Things will be different.

Let’s just rip off the bandaid. There will be masks. At least if you want to hold a safe event. It’s not ideal, but I’m not waiting until the pandemic is over to marry Brian. If that means there are masks and other Covid restrictions, then so be it.

Flexibility will be required.

Speaking of Covid restrictions, there is a chance that your venue, city, or state may have restrictions in place on your wedding day. As we all know by now, there is a certain level of fluidity that comes with Covid-19. It’s important to be willing to adjust your plans as needed. Of course, sending all positive vibes possible to every bride reading this.

Most planning is virtual.

I do not live in the same state as my wedding venue. So, all of my planning needs to be virtual anyway. The only in-person thing I’ve done is venue visits. Thanks to Zoom, phone calls, and email it’s pretty easy to get things done virtually.

Ask vendors about Covid policy.

I’ve slipped this into every conversation pretty early on. By now, most vendors have a Covid-19 refund policy in place, but it is important to confirm. In addition to the refund policy, ask about what happens if the guest count needs to be reduced. This mostly applies to caterers, venues, and florists. All other vendors are not really affected by crowd size.

Accepting uncertainty

I have a dream wedding day in mind. The truth is that my wedding day might not look like that. These times are uncertain. There is no way to know what is to come. Accepting that is key. Remember that it will be a beautiful day no matter what.

Are you planning a wedding?

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