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Fall 2018 Trends to Look Forward To

Okay so, I love summer. I love leaving my apartment and (with the exception of rain) not having to think about the weather. I love eating outside and walks that have no purpose. I’ll take a muggy humid day over a freezing cold day always. I love everything about summer except for the fact that I hate summer clothes.

Unpopular opinion, I know. I have always felt this way. Personally I feel like summer is where fashion goes to die. Is there ability to have a chic moment? Definitely. It pales in comparison to the structure and silhouettes of fall, winter, and early spring though.

I am always excited at the start of the season just because it’s warm and I can actually show my legs without shivering. Once we hit this mid-August point I am bored and over it. I welcome the warm weather and don’t want to rush its end, but wish it didn’t come along with basic fashion.

So like clock work, I start to look ahead to the true fashion star of the seasons: fall. There a lot of fun trends to look forward to this season! Here are few that should be on your radar.


Okay, okay. Saying plaid for fall is like saying florals for spring. Groundbreaking. That being said there is reason the tried and true classic always makes a comeback. It just screams fall. Plaid outerwear is definitely on my wish list this season.

Clashing Prints

Sometimes things are so wrong that that they are right. For example plaid and leopard print feels all sorts of off, but somehow it works. We’ve been mixing prints for a while, but the prints were more complimentary to each other (i.e.: stripes and florals). Now we are going for a full blown and intentional clash. It is definitely a more daring trend, but I encourage you to try it!

Animal Prints

A classic print, but this season it will really have it’s day in the sun. Expect to see leopard print dresses making a chic comeback that is not remotely reminiscent of the Jersey Shore (2009 edition).


If you got into red last season, you’re in luck because the color is still trending this season. Go for an all red look if you’re feeling bold.

80s Revival

We’re doing it right this season and giving the best of the 80s a reboot. The tacky makeup and big hair will be left in yesteryear, but don’t be surprised if you gravitate towards a puff sleeve top this season.


While leather is a steady fall staple, vinyl glossy clothing will be the way to take a look over the edge. Whether it’s pants, a skirt, or even a jacket – this is a must have wardrobe addition.

Wild Card: Western

Admittedly, this is not my cup of tea. I also have a never say never outlook when it comes to fashion. While I do not think I will be throwing on the cowboy boots this fall, the right street style inspiration could change my mind!

What trend are you looking forward to?




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