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    I live and breathe for fashion, but admittedly my secret shame is an addiction to beauty products. I get a rush from walking into Sephora or opening the wrapper of my new drug store buy. Silly things like face wash give me a thrill and I have more makeup than any girl could possibly need. I will [Continue Reading]




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#Goals 🙌...3 fashion bloggers on the cover of #LuckyMag--old news, but my new subscription took forever to come lol 😕 #FabFriday: What do you wear for the Super Bowl?? Lex Loves Couture has ya covered! • Link in bio • #InstaFashion #SuperBowl #Patriots #Seahawks #StyleGuide #FashionBlogger #LexLovesCouture Gray Day 💅#Mani #BeautyBlogger #ChicThursday is all about winterizing your short sleeve dresses. Hint: You can probably do it for FREE! • Link in bio • #InstaFashion #StyleGuide #ChloeGraceMoretz #FashionBlogger

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